beautiful senior woman shopping for jewelry and holding a pair of amber earrings up to her face - celebrate being soberOvercoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol deserves to be celebrated. It takes courage, determination, and persistence to stay sober, and each day you succeed is a reason to celebrate.

When to Celebrate Sobriety

You can celebrate being sober whenever you please. Some people may decide to celebrate on the same day each year, while others may commemorate a special accomplishment throughout the year. Some days you may want to celebrate just getting through that day or week. No matter when or how often you decide to celebrate your sobriety, know that you deserve it and reward yourself in a way that feels healthy and promotes a sense of peace and happiness.

Ways to Celebrate Being Sober

Create new traditions to reward yourself for your strength and dedication to a new, sober lifestyle. Choose rewards that remind you of the importance of staying sober and nurturing your health. You can celebrate alone, with others who are sober, or with close friends and family who support your recovery. Here are some ideas:

Attend a 12-step meeting.

Going to a support group meeting such as Alcoholics Anonymous is a great way to celebrate your recovery with others who understand. If you want to give back, consider becoming a sponsor and helping someone else who is in the process of overcoming their addiction.

Treat yourself.

Remind yourself with a special treat that your sobriety is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Some treats to reward yourself with may include a special journal or notebook, artwork, or a piece of jewelry that reminds you of your sobriety.

Dinner with friends and family.

Celebrate your sobriety with dinner out or at home with friends and family. Be sure to set boundaries and not surround yourself with those who want to drink at your celebration. Enjoy a new non-alcoholic drink and make a toast to your sobriety.

Create a new tradition.

Celebrate being sober by creating new traditions. These can be for any milestone or obstacle you overcome. You might write a letter to yourself, visit a pivotal place in your sobriety, or make one of your favorite meals to share with a friend. If it’s meaningful to you and healthy for your overall well-being, any activity will work.

Pamper yourself.

Scheduling a massage or a spa day for yourself is another good way to celebrate your sobriety. As you let yourself feel pampered, reflect on how far you’ve come and how good it feels to be healthy again. End the day with meditation to return to a feeling of calm and prepare for the return to routine–a routine that may feel more peaceful and possible in recovery.

Celebrating a Friend or Family Member

If you have a friend or family member who is in recovery from addiction and is approaching a milestone for their sobriety, there are several ways to celebrate their accomplishment. You can tell them how impressed you are with their courage and determination. Tell them all the changes you’ve noticed and how happy you are for them. Treat their sober milestone like a special occasion and give them the recognition they deserve. Remind them that you are by their side and that they can always count on you for support.

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