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The road to recovery is just beginning when you leave Mountain Laurel. Beyond MLRC is our active alumni program, designed to offer continued support to our graduates. Mountain Laurel Recovery Center’s Alumni Program offers the following benefits:

  • The MLRC App: A social media play for MLRC alumni and staff, only. It offers our alumni a place to stay connected to each other and staff. It also provides resources, support, contests, and updates on events.
  • Weekly Aftercare Meeting: Our alumni meet every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm through Zoom. This is a networking and support meeting where alumni can discuss their challenges and successes with each other.
  • Events: Monthly sober events and activities are held across New York and Pennsylvania for alumni to attend. Past events include bowling, snow tubing, axe throwing, speaker fests, NY Sober fest, hiking, and BBQs.
  • Networking: Connect with other alumni, and the many community recovery organizations they are involved in. You also have support from our dedicated, full-time alumni coordinator, Katelyn.
Cristal Cary

Cristal Cary

Alumni Coordinator

Cristal Cary is the Alumni Coordinator at Mountain Laurel Recovery Center. She has a passion for helping others with their struggle with addiction, including family members and friends. She takes pride in supporting others in the completion of treatment at MLRC. As Alumni Coordinator, Cristal loves providing the care and support that clients and alumni need to create a solid, sober support system. She reminds clients and alumni that they are enough and never alone in their recovery. At MLRC, with the help of our Alumni Coordinator, clients and alumni discover the growth and recovery they need.


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