We are accepting new admissions but have implemented additional pre-screening procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Mountain Laurel Recovery Center. **At this time, all family visitation has been suspended until further notice.**

Mountain Laurel Recovery Center is closely monitoring all coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and is following suggested best practices from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information, please click here.

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center - Sitting Area - Mountain Laurel Recovery Center - Westfield Pennsylvania alcohol and drug rehab center - drug addiction treatment- dual diagnosis treatment centerOur Pennsylvania drug rehab center is just outside of Tioga Canyon in Westfield, Pennsylvania.

Mountain Laurel Recovery Center is a two hour drive from Rochester, NY, or a two and a half hour drive from Buffalo, NY. We are a 35-bed restored country home nestled on 25 acres and surrounded by the peaceful, beautiful countryside of Northern Pennsylvania.

We here at Mountain Laurel Recovery Center understand that addiction is a disease, leaving one feeling lonely and isolated with little hope or ability to lead a productive meaningful life.

Our Pennsylvania drug rehab center believes in taking a holistic approach to recovery since each individual is different. We combine an individualized approach through our addiction counselors, licensed therapists, nurses, and physicians that incorporates a personal treatment plan that also collaborates with family members. We utilize the 12 steps to teach the tools needed to take their life back, and mend the brokenness that the toll of addiction robs one of. We guide them through the healing process that allows one to improve self esteem, interpersonal relationships, positive family interaction and vocational productivity while healing body, soul and mind in a safe, comfortable environment with others struggling with addiction.

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center - 12-step meeting room - Mountain Laurel Recovery Center - Westfield Pennsylvania alcohol and drug rehab center - drug addiction treatment - dual diagnosis treatment centerAt MLRC, we help the individual through the rough early stages of abstinence and help clarify trauma.

Through Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), we promote mindfulness and acceptance skills to help lead our clients to a meaningful, vital, and productive life. We help individuals understand the humanness of their thoughts, feelings, experiences, values and belief systems and accept themselves by utilizing the 12 steps as tools for a happy life.

Life will have painful, challenging experiences, and happy, exciting experiences that can evoke many emotions, but with the tools of the 12 steps, we don’t have to return to our addictions when these emotions come. MLRC offers a voyage to individuals who have lost themselves to addiction and puts them on a recovery path that can lead to an exciting, honest journey of living, while doing it happily, joyously, and free from the heavy weight of alcohol or drug addiction.

We offer many services for every individual at our Pennsylvania drug rehab center that can start individuals on a new journey and the freedom of allowing oneself a new start, mending and understanding the past and forging a new, bright future.

If you would like to find out more about Mountain Laurel Recovery Center’s treatment program, please contact us today.