No Time Like the Present

young woman looking stressed using cell phone sitting on couch at home - time to enter recoveryIt’s human nature to want to put off making major life changes, but there’s no time like the present to take the first step towards getting help for your substance use disorder. The coronavirus pandemic may have turned every aspect of your daily routine upside down, but Mountain Laurel Recovery Center is still here to provide the support you need to start building a wellness-focused life for yourself.

Why is it a good time to seek addiction treatment? Here, we outline just a few of the many reasons now is your time to enter recovery.

Addiction Makes You More Vulnerable to Coronavirus Complications

If you’re actively abusing drugs or alcohol, your immune system is compromised. This puts you at a significantly higher risk of complications such as pneumonia, acute liver injury, acute cardiac injury, and acute respiratory failure if you contract the COVID-19 coronavirus. Substance abuse also impairs judgment and impulse control, which makes it more difficult to consistently remember social distancing and other recommended precautionary measures.

Experts believe that the COVID-19 coronavirus will likely remain a serious public health threat until a vaccine is found. Addressing your substance use disorder now is the best step you can take to protect your health. The longer you’re sober, the stronger your immune system will be. That means now is the time to enter recovery.

Supplies of Street Drugs Are Becoming More Adulterated

Just as quarantine restrictions have made it hard to find toilet paper, disinfectants, baking supplies, and meat, there’s significant evidence to suggest the supply chain for street drugs is experiencing difficulties. When this happens, dealers are more likely to adulterate their products to increase their profit. Contaminants may be everyday substances such as talc, washing soda, or Epsom salts, but they could also be additional drugs that enhance the dangerous effects of a substance. In some cases, drugs may be cut with poisons such as arsenic or strychnine.

Using drugs that have been contaminated puts you at a higher risk of dangerous side effects or a fatal overdose. Even if you haven’t changed your buying habits, there’s no way to ensure the product you’re using hasn’t been adulterated.

Rehab Is a Safe Environment

When you’re out getting groceries or running errands, you can’t control who you’re exposed to. You can wear a mask and stock up on hand sanitizer, but you still risk the possibility of infection when you can’t tell if the people around you are taking the right precautions.

In comparison, rehab is a tightly controlled environment. As an essential business, Mountain Laurel Recovery Center will continue to accept patients throughout the pandemic. However, we’ve implemented new pre-screening procedures to ensure patients with the COVID-19 coronavirus are not admitted. We are following best practices from the CDC to prevent infection spread. Family visitation has moved to a virtual format and will remain this way until further notice.

You’ll Be Surrounded by a Support System

Quarantining at home can be a lonely experience, but clients at Mountain Laurel Recovery Center have access to a support system of caring staff members and other people who are committed to recovery. There are planned activities and entertainment, so you’ll never be left wondering what you should do next.

Mountain Laurel Recovery’s support system can be particularly beneficial for clients who also struggle with anxiety and depression. If the uncertainty of pandemic conditions is making it harder to manage your mental health, access to 24/7 support can help you stabilize your condition and start to feel more like your old self.

You Might Not Need to Miss Work

Since many workers have been furloughed due to pandemic-related economic challenges, the logistical concerns typically associated with residential addiction treatment may be minimized. Using this unexpected time away from work to build the foundation for a lasting recovery can put you in the position to be a better employee when quarantine restrictions are lifted and your employer calls you back to work.

If you think the pandemic will result in the need to hunt for a new job, going to rehab before beginning your search will make you a more attractive candidate. The economy is likely to struggle for quite some time, so anything you can do to make you more competitive in a tight job market is going to be beneficial for your career.

No Matter What Happens, Addiction Is Still a Progressive Illness

The post-pandemic future may seem uncertain, but one thing’s for sure: addiction is a chronic and progressive medical condition. It won’t get better on its own, no matter how much willpower you think you have to try to quit without help. You don’t want to wait until you’ve hit rock bottom or experienced serious addiction-related health complications to take action. It’s time to enter recovery now.

At Mountain Laurel Recovery Center, we’re committed to providing the evidence-based care men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction need to build the foundation for a lasting recovery. If you’re ready to make a change, our Pennsylvania residential treatment program is here to help.

If you or a loved one are in need of help from addiction, please contact our Tioga county drug rehab today.