choosing a drug treatment center - woman searching internet - mountain laurel recovery centerThe decision to enter into a residential drug treatment center is life-changing. Choosing the facility that best suits your individual needs is important for long-term sobriety. For some, choosing a rehab that is far from home gives them the benefit of fewer distractions and the time away to heal from any issues within the family. Everyone’s situation is different, and choosing whether to stay close to home or go far away is an individual choice.

A drug treatment center close to home may be the correct choice for you if:

  • You have been to rehab before and know that you will need a strong aftercare program. If you live nearby, you can still go to outpatient groups and attend meetings and/or counseling at the center. It is less of a shock when leaving residential care if you can continue aftercare at the same facility. This makes the transition back home easier.
  • Your family is a source of support – If your family is a good source of support, it is a good choice to stay close to home so they can come visit you on family visiting days. Having support from the people we love makes all the difference.
  • You have children – For parents who are seeking a residential treatment plan of 30, 60, or 90 days, it may be very important to stay close to home so that they can see your children during this time. Many parents struggle with their addiction for an extended period of time because they do not want to leave their children. Making the decision to leave them for a short period of time by going to a place close to home where they can easily come visit will make the time apart and the return home smoother.
  • You need family or couple counseling – If there are family or partnership issues that need to be talked about and healed, it may be good to choose a place close to home. Although it is true that in early sobriety recovery should be your main focus, going home to unsolved issues upon discharge may not be healthy. Addiction affects more than just the person with the disease. It affects our most intimate relationships. This is why most drug treatment centers offer family and couple counseling. Going to a treatment facility close to home may be ideal if you and your loved ones are in agreement that family counseling is necessary. It is easier to continue counseling if the center is close to home.

There can be many reasons for wanting to stay close to home; there may be just as many reasons for wanting to go far away for a while. Making a list of the pros and cons of each will help you make the best decision for your recovery and your life.

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