Stay Safe, Stay Connected

woman on laptop doing group chat or meeting - stay connectedWith COVID-19 infections continuing to rise, social distancing has become more important than ever. This doesn’t mean you need to spend your time bored at home, however. To help you stay connected to your friends and family while staying safe at home, Mountain Laurel Recovery Center has put together this fun list of Zoom activity ideas.

1. Enjoy a Movie Night

While you might not be able to enjoy a movie in the theater anytime soon, it’s easy to host your own Zoom movie night with your friends. Simply choose a flick, then designate one person to play the film on their computer and use the “share screen” feature to show the group. While the movie is playing, you’ll still be able to see and hear video commentary from every participant who hasn’t muted their screen.

2. Show Off Your Best Moves

A virtual dance party is safer than hitting a local club since there’s no risk of COVID-19 infection and you can keep your favorite non-alcoholic beverages handy. Create a Spotify playlist to share, pick out a festive Zoom background, and get ready to show off your best moves. Or, if you’re worried your choreography isn’t up to snuff, you can download Just Dance on your computer, use your phone as the controller, and play over Zoom by creating “party rooms” so that everyone can dance together.

3. Play Bingo

Virtual game nights are a popular quarantine choice to stay connected to family and friends, but sometimes loved ones aren’t up to learning the rules for a complicated new game. Bingo is an easy choice that appeals to players of all ages. The Virtual Bingo website features randomized Bingo cards, an electronic Bingo caller, and automated winner verification. Games are free for up to 30 players.

4. Play Charades

For those who aren’t afraid to be a little silly, Charades is a party game that translates well to Zoom. Divide your group into two teams, then use a Charades idea generator to choose the words or phrases to act out. Zoom’s “spotlight” feature lets everyone see the person acting out the Charade while other team members try to figure out the phrase.

5. Plan a Craft Night

Michaels offers a number of free live craft classes for adults via Zoom. This includes classes in acrylic painting, watercolors, crochet, jewelry making, calligraphy, decoupage, bullet journaling, and more. Choose a class to watch with your friends, then schedule a call afterward to share what you’ve made with each other.

6. Organize a Cooking Class

With so many restaurants closed or limiting their menu to takeout only, there’s been a renewed interest in home cooking throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Organize your own Zoom cooking class by having your friends take turns demonstrating how to cook a favorite recipe from the comfort of their own kitchens. Or, if your group is composed entirely of beginners, Cozy Meal lets you purchase online cooking classes you can enjoy together.

7. Start Your Own Book Club

If you need a break from Netflix, now is the perfect time to start your own Zoom book club. USA Today has some tips to help you get started. If you need some book suggestions, our previous post, Motivational Books for Recovery, includes titles that will appeal to people in recovery as well as a more general audience looking for self-improvement advice. If you’d rather join an existing book club, Time has a list of popular Zoom book clubs, including several that regularly feature author appearances.

8. Work Up a Sweat

There’s nothing quite like working up a sweat to boost your endorphins and help you keep your drug and alcohol cravings in check. If you’re missing the camaraderie of fitness classes at the local gym, try hosting a Zoom workout where you all follow along with your favorite instructor. Today has suggestions for live Zoom fitness classes you can join, or you can simply screen share and follow along with the same YouTube video.

9. Have a Virtual Sleepover

If you’re already living your PJs, why not show them off by planning a virtual pajama party? Make a blanket fort in your living room, gather your favorite snacks, and then settle in for a hysterical game of Truth or Dare. If you’re having trouble thinking of questions to get started, the Lifehacks website has some great ideas.

10. Enjoy a Blast from the Past

Theme parties are always good for a laugh. Take a stroll down memory lane with a Zoom theme party from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. Challenge everyone to raid their closets for decade appropriate attire, put together a playlist of your favorite tunes from the decade, and enjoy your own mini fashion show, while you stay connected.

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